JRI Poland #Poland The saga of another JRI-Poland used laptop! #poland

Stanley Diamond

Dear friends:

Last August, I posted a message about the travels of donated
laptops to Poland for JRI-Poland indexing projects. I don't recall
ever receiving as much private mail in response to any previous
post. On top of that, the post led to the donation of a few more
laptops <grin>.

I would like share the saga of another laptop with you. This one
gives me great pleasure because - although the laptop will have
moved about 7000 miles in a number of legs - the cost of getting
it to Poland was $0.

Here's the story:

* It was donated by a man in Palo Alto, CA
* Delivered by him to my daughter in Alameda, CA
* Carried by my daughter to Durham, NH (where our entire family
was celebrating another daughter's graduation >from the
University of New Hampshire.
* Transported back to Montreal.
* Overhauled and needed software added in Montreal.
* Handed to a Montreal Jewish woman of Polish origin who
makes 1 to 2 trips each year to Poland.
* Picked up by the JRI-Poland representative in Warsaw.

And this all happened in about three weeks!

The lesson
When you donate a used laptop to JRI-Poland, we will find a way
to ship it to Poland where it will be put to good use.

The minimum specs
Pentium 1
4 GB hard drive
CD Rom drive
Windows 98 (2000 or XP would be wonderful)
The necessary software will be added by JRI-Poland.
External mouse (if available)
Carrying case appreciated, if available.

In accordance with US IRS regulations and JRI-Poland's 501(c)(3)
status, the donation of such equipment is tax deductible at the current
market value.

Stanley Diamond
Executive Director, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

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