JRI Poland #Poland Pages of Testimony summary for Opalin, Poland/Ukraine #poland


The project I am working on iss a summary of the Pages of Testimony
where Opalin, Poland (now Ukraine) was reported as the place of birth,
residence, or death of the victim. I've entered all of this data into
an Excel spreadsheet that I'd like to share with anyone who would like
a copy. There are 144 records. A search for "Opalin" on the Yad Vashem
website yields 151 results. There were 7 hits that I concluded were exact
duplicates where both the victim and submitter were the same. If you'd
like a copy of the spreadsheet please e-mail me directly and I'll
forward you a copy along with my theories applied in collecting the

Also, if anyone else has ancestors >from Opalin and would like your
share your information maybe we could create our own little database
with the information we have. According to my g-grandfather Moshe
SHNAYDER's 1908 Brest-Litovsk marriage record he was born in Opalin. So
few records survive for this town. Maybe we can piece together some of
our genealogical puzzles by gathering the bits we know in one place.
I'd be happy to be the point person on this and then share the
summarized data with everyone. Please remember to include the source of
your data so anyone else looking at it will know where it came from.

Please e-mail me directly if you'd like a copy of the Opalin Pages of
Testimony summary and with any information on Opalin ancestors.

Sharon Klein
Acworth, GA

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