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Naidia Woolf <rnwoolf@...>

I just came across the name Mosze DROZDZIARZ who was born in Gur, Poland in
1885 to Yaakov & Bluma DROZDZIARZ. I found his name (and particulars)
while searching the Central Database of Shoah Victims' Name on the Yad
Vashem database. Mosze perished in the Shoah.

I'm wondering whether Mosze was related to my maternal grandparents,
Israel and Sarah Rachel (nee Safirstein) ROSE, formerly DROZDIASZ (also
RAUS). Israel and his wife (and 2 young daughters), were >from Karczew,
Poland. The family emigrated to England circa 1900. I'm particularly
interested in knowing whether any of the DROZDIASZ family >from Poland
survived the Holocaust. (Please note that the family name is already
registered in Family Finder.)

Naidia Woolf


DROZDIASZ (or variants), Karczew, Poland
SAFIRSTEIN (or variants), Karczew, Poland
KUJAWSKI, Lodz, Poland
ISAACS (family of Solomon and Sarah), Birminghaml England/Poland (town
MORRIS, Poland (town unknown)
SHORN (family of Morris & Yenta), London, England, Poland (town unknown)
ZONENBERG, Poland (town, unknown - possibly Lodz)

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