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A wonderful friend of mine, Jim Vaughn, went to Mt. Zion to take photos for
me of about five gravestones. While there, this wonderful friend decided to
take many more, so here is the list of the Mt. Zion, NY Plotzer Society
picutres I have. I will be happy to EMAIL it to you. Although he thought
he got them all, it is not the case, unfortunately. Of the 165 listed in
the Mt Zion database, I marked the ones I had with *** in order to set them
apart and put in this list.

He also included a picture of the Plotzker Gate erected in 1906 with ALL the
leadership names inscribed.

The list of 165 names is too long to send, but if you want I will email it
to you as an attachment. For now, this is the list of pictures I have.

Joan Parker, Immediate Past President
JGS of Greater Miami, Inc.

Searching: GOLDBERG, GOODSTEIN, BERGER-Plock, Poland/Russia; Bronx and
Brooklyn, NY; PINKUS, WINOGRAD, ROSEN-Brest, Litovsk; Grodno, Russia;
Bronx and Brooklyn, NY; WEISS-Brooklyn, NY; NEIBERG-Brooklyn, NY; DEL PINO
-Brooklyn, NY; KATZ, GELFAND-Minsk, Belarus; Bronx, NY, Miami and Miami
Beach, FL.

BERMAN, RACHEL3R 1/1/1932 ***
BLOCK, BLUME3R 6/1/1900 *** partially behind Rose Goldstein
BORNSTEIN, ESTHER3R 5/1/1939 *** there is another Bornstein stone but
badly weathered-unreadable
DOMB, DORA3R 11/1/1919 ***
FRIEDMAN, GUSSIE3R 11/1/1923 ***
GOLDBERG, DAVID MEYER 175-3R 12/11/1935 ***
GOLDBERG, LEO175-3R 8/1/1910 ***
GOLDBERG, REBECCA 175-3R 12/23/1943 ***
GOLDMAN, CHARLES 3R 5/1/1940 ***
GOLDSTEIN, DORA 3R 10/1/1966 ***
GOLDSTEIN, JOSEPH 3R 4/1/1975 ***
GOLDSTEIN, ROSE175-3R- 3 4/8/1917 ***
GOODSTEIN, RACHEL 7/26/1915 *** not originally on this list, name added by
Joan Parker
GOODSTEIN, SIMON 9/27/13 *** not originally on this list, name added by
Joan Parker
GROSS, MORRIS3R 7/1/1946 ***
GROSS, SARAH3R 9/1/1964 ***
HEYMAN, SAMUEL3R 2/1/1927 *** partially behind Jacob Perek
KAUFMAN, ESTHER175-3R 9/19/1938 ***
KAUFMAN, FRANCES175-3R 1/11/1983 *** shown only as Frances, but date
KAUFMAN, SAM175-3R 10/12/1928 ***
LEVENTHAL, ALLEN175-3R 8/31/1958 *** wife of Jean
LEVINE, BECKY3R 7/1/1957 ***
LEVINE, MORRIS3R 6/1/1967 ***
MAKOWER, EVE3R 8/8/1916 ***
MASS, JACOB3R 12/15/1937 ***
MASS, RIVA3R 12/1/1914 *** partially in the background of Martha Roberts
MIOLLA, BLANCHE SUSAN 000-175-3R-0000 12/5/1969 *** just the name Blanche
PEREK, JACOB3R 4/29/1937 *** behind this stone is a partial Samuel Heyman
RADGIFF *** Stone marker with only the name
ROBERTS, MARTHA3R 6/11/1918 ***
STURMAN, CECELY175-3R 11/25/1977 ***
STURMAN, JACOB N.175-3R- 2 6/8/1937 ***
STURMAN, LILLIAN175-3R- 10 12/26/1954 ***
WEINOUMAN, BESSIE175-3R-8 3/18/1919 ***
WOLF, FLORA175-3R-6W 5/10/1918 ***
WOLLMAN, AMELIA175-3R-02 1/19/1917 ***
ZALKA, ANNA175-3R-4 10/12/1917 ***

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