JRI Poland #Poland Kolbuszowa Region Research Group (KRRG) at the New York IAJGS Conference #poland

Susana Leistner Bloch

The Kolbuszowa Region Research Group (KRRG) meeting at the New York
IAJGS Conference is scheduled for :

Thursday, August 17
11:00 AM - 12:15 PM
Room: Soho / Seventh Floor

If you plan to attend please let me know.

KRRG includes the following Administrative Districts:
Kolbuszowa - Lancut - Mielec - Nisko - Pilzno -
Ropczyce - Rzeszow - Strzyzow - Tarnobrzeg

Over 200 shtetlach are included in KRRG. Here are some of the towns
included in this region:

Blazowa, Debica, Kanczuga, Lancut, Lezajsk, Majdan, Mielec, Nisko, Pilzno,
Przeworsk, Ropczyce, Radomysl Wielki, Rzeszow, Rozwadow, Rudnik, Sedziszow,
Sokolow Mlp., Strzyzow, Tarnobrzeg, Tyczyn, Ulanow and Zolynia.

For a complete list of towns being researched by members of our
group, please write me or go to:

Susana Leistner Bloch, Coordinator
Kolbuszowa Region Research Group

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