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First, you should be sure you are using variants of the names that you
are likely to hit upon in records.

I.e., Harry and Rose are most likely Hersh (or Gersh, Hirsch, Hersz,
etc.) and Ruchl (I'd say also Rosa, eventhough the daughter took on
that name in English). Goodman is probably GUTMAN. Wolf is possibly WULF.

Also, be sure too look in nearby towns, or really any other matches in
databases that seem to come pretty close to the info you have. That is,
there is really no reason to think they were always in Lviv, so keep
options open (though, Poland and Ukraine would be best bets--perhaps
Lithuania and Belarus wouldnt be too far afield). Also consider that
though the date you have is "exact", it may have just been adopted as an
exact date at some later time for use in American records. So, if you see
an 1865 birth, for instance, don't reject it immediately.

Steve Bloom
Farmville, VA

Can you help me! My gmother,Rosa(Chage)Wolf was born in Lemberg,Austria
to a Harry and Rose Wolf (Goodman) on February 2, 1869 This is all that
I know.I know that it is no longer a part of Austria-that it is called
Lwow,Poland or Lviv, Ukraine and have written to both places and still
at ground zero after four or five years searching. Thank you for your

Rose Hoffman

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