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All the Drobin films are at the Woodside Queens Family History Center.

Madeleine Okladek

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Subject: Drobin, Sierpc, Raciaz in Poland
From: Eden Joachim <esjoachim@...>
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2006 18:11:12 -0400
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I have just learned I may have a connection to the towns of Drobin, Sierpc
and Raciaz in Poland. I would be pleased to hear >from any of you
researching those towns and who recognize my family names, which follow.

Augusta (Gittel) SZNAJMAN / SCHNEIMAN was born circa 1862, possibly in
Drobin. Her father was Chaim and her mother's name was Esther Miriam, with
a surname similar to DORKERTZ, which appears on Augusta's marriage
certificate to Charles Morris in January,1893 in New York City. This was
apparently her second marriage; the record says she was a widow. Augusta
immigrated circa 1880 - 1885 but I have been unable to locate a passenger
record. She lived at 305 Madison Street in Manhattan when she married
Charles. Augusta died in 1905 leaving 3 young children: Herman, Esther and
Fannie (my grandmother)and her husband, Charles, who died in 1909.

I have found that a Max SCHNEIMAN and his wife Sarah LIPPMAN SCHNEIMAN also
lived at that address >from 1892 until at least 1897. They also had a
daughter named Esther born in 1892.

Beider's dictionary of surnames in the Kingdom of Poland indicates the name
SZNAJMAN to be common in Sierpc, Poland, not far >from Drobin.

I added the above names and towns to the JGFF today as well as possible
variants such as DERKACZ and DORKASZ, which I learned >from searching the
JRI-Poland surname lists for nearby towns. There are 2 entries of interest
in the JRI-Poland database for Drobin, Poland. The first is Malka SZNAJMAN
born 1853 to Haim and Estery Marym DEBRACZ >from LDS film # 729205. I will
attempt to view this film nearby, but if anyone has easy access to it and
could copy AKT#24 for me, I'd be thrilled.

The second is AKT # 31 on the same film which is the birth record of Brana
SZNAYMAN in Drobin, but no parents' names are listed in the database.

Please contact me privately if any of the information is of interest or if
you feel there may be a connection to pursue.

Thank you,
Eden Joachim
Pomona, New York

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