JRI Poland #Poland Re: Are Lachman Nachman Najman the same? #poland

Simon Richardson <simon@...>

Thanks to everyone for your very helpful replies. What I have found
fits well with family stories about the origin of our name
RICHARDSON. It looks like my great-great-grandfather Adolphus Noah

The dates match perfectly, but also there is a story that Noah's
father, called "something like Newman REICHARDT", was a miller in
"Gollin, Posen" and died quite young of a heart attack after lifting
a heavy sack of flour. There was a flour mill in Golina and Nachman
RAICHERT died aged 48. Noah would have been 10 at the time.

Going even further back, the database shows Nachman's parents:
Hemkiet (Jochym?) and Hawe, born in the 1770s perhaps.

Eventually, when I'm sure of what I have I'll put it on the internet
in case it's useful. I have good documentation for most of the family
history, back to around 1700, but there some parts that are still too
hypothetical to be offered as any kind of truth.

Simon Richardson

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