JRI Poland #Poland Belchatow Books of Residents #poland


My family comes >from Radomsko, Rozprza, Plawno, Zarki and Czestochowa.
I recently contributed and obtained the Belchatow Books of Residents
excel file because some of my family members married Belchatowers.
I am amazed at how many new family members I have found >from checking
this file line by line. There are new surnames and relationships that
I would never have known about without this wonderful tool.

I encourage everyone with roots in Belchatow or surrounding towns to
take advantage of this research opportunity and write to Roni Liebowitz
at roni19@optonline.net.

Leah Jordan Bisel
W. Bloomfield, MI

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Roni Liebowitz is JRI-Poland Town Leader for

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