JRI Poland #Poland Re: Polanized Jewish Names #poland

Alexander Sharon

Mike Kraft wrote:

I can see the connection to diminutives such as Shmulik. But what is the
origin of relationships such as Moshe / Moszko, Itzik/Icko,
Hersh / Herszko etc?

Russian administration did not allow Jews to use Biblical names that were
induced to the Russian Orthodox Church "Hall of Saints". Thus such names
like Abram (Avraam), Moses (Moisiey), Isaac (Isaak), David, Joseph (Iosif),
Samuel (Samuil), and others, were out of reach for the Jews.

A "substitutions" for those names have been invented, such as Movsha (for
Moses), Itzik or Icko (for Isaac), Osip (For Joseph), and so on.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab., Canada

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