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Ruth Wilnai <ruth@...>

Thanks to Mariana for the information about Malka Sznajderman. I do not
know if she is my relative. I do have sznajderman, but I collect every
bit of information. Additional research will tell more.


Subject: Sznajderman Malka, Lublin
From: Marianna <mariannah@epf.pl>
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2006 08:45:46 +0100
X-Message-Number: 3

Dear researchers,
I've just found on Polish service Allegro.pl (something like eBay) an
auction of the school report for Malka Sznajderman >from Lublin, born

I thought that maybe someone here would be interested in this
document. There is a big scan on the auction page so you don't need
buy it to read it.
Direct link is:

Sometimes one can find Jewish documents that are selled on this
service. Please note that I'm not connected to those auctions and I
this message only for informative purpose.

Marianna Hoszowska

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