JRI Poland #Poland Re: Seeking Town Identification #poland

Carlos Glikson

Jonathan Wind mentioned his grandfather emigrated >from Rzeszow, Poland, and
that he could not identify the town listed as his "last residence" on the
ship's manifest, which looks like "Brzewa." . He also added that the
ShtetlSeeker site didn't solve his query.

ShtetlSeeker gives the coordinates for Rzeszów, 158.0 miles SSE of
Warszawa, as 50°03' 22°00' . Using ShtetlSeeker's Radius Search in
to find the towns in a 30 mile radius of Rzeszów's coordinates, I came up
with certain "possibles".

Unfortunately, I do not know how to pronounce the Polish names for the
towns. Allowing pronounciation variants, initial letter or whole sound
misunderstanding, mistaken handwritten transcriptions, and other reasons for
change , I wonder if Jonathan´s grandfather's last residence (seemingly
"Brzewa" in the manifest) could have been one of the following examples
around Rzeszow :

Krzywa 50°05'N 21°44'E 12.0 miles W of Rzeszów
Krzywe, Krzywa 49°49'N 21°58'E 16.2 miles S of Rzeszów
Braciejowa 49°59'N 21°26'E 25.6 miles W of Rzeszów

There are more than 900 names to check with ShtetlSeeker's Radius Search
within 30 miles of Rzeszow. Perhaps someone knowledgeable in Polish may find
a confusion of "Brzewa" and Braciejowa possible or unacceptable, for
example, or suggest other "possible originals" for "Brzewa".

Carlos Glikson

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