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Catherine Youngren

Dear friends:

I am one of the hundreds of researchers that owe so much to JRI-Poland as
a result of several research breakthroughs that would not have been
possible without the online indices and Excel Files.

I realized that I have never told JRI-Poland how their wonderful work
directly contributed to reconnecting living members of various family
branches that had been lost to one another for decades, as well as tracing
my family back six generations, discovering my ancestral villages.

Over the years, many of you also have had "success stories" as a result of
the JRI-Poland database, and -- if you were one of the hundreds of
researchers whose contributions helped index records >from your town --
from the Excel files.
I'm asking you to write privately to me now to let JRI-Poland know what
the effect of their efforts has been on your life and your research

I am volunteering to collect your emails and letters in order to present
JRI-Poland with a package that will be a testament to everyone about the
importance of the work JRI-Poland has and is doing for us and for future

I am interested in receiving all stories, but especially stories that
relate to how the JRI-Poland database and data in an Excel file helped:

* Holocaust survivors to reunite with other family members or branches of
their family. What were the reactions of survivors about getting
information about their ancestors?

* Former hidden children to gain information about their real identity.

* Scholars or other researchers trying to reconstitute information about
destroyed communities.

* Researchers discovering branches of their family they had thought
destroyed but are now in Australia, South America, Israel, etc.

* Finding other family members that your immediate family had lost track
of because of the war (i.e. did an entry in the database help you make the
connection ?)

* To build a family tree for medical or genetic reasons?

* In the pursuit of academic work i.e. articles for publication, thesis

I look forward to hearing >from you.

Catherine Youngren,
Jewish Genealogical Institute of British Columbia

Email: cy_design@...

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Please respond privately.

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