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Dear Friends,
Happy New Year! I have posted a picture of Rabbi Zelick Zass that I believe
was taken at a Cincinnati Cheder around 1896. Rabbi Zass is in the lower
right hand corner of the picture with his son Albert to his right in the
second row. Note that Rabbi Zass also taught in Boston between 1900 and
1930. I was hoping someone could tell me where this was taken and when.
Please respond directly to me at kschwartz74@comcast.net if you recognize
the people or place.

I believe that Rabbi Zass was born in Russian Poland, and possibly was
from the Suwalk area.
I would also like to thank Deborah Glassman for all of her help in my search
for Rabbi Zass and his family. She is quite an imaginative researcher and a
very kind person for giving up her time to help me. Thanks so much.

Thank You,
Karen Schwartz,
Albuquerque New Mexico

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