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Carlos Glikson

Ellen Moshenberg asked

Does anyone know if Ben Gurion's house in Plonsk is an official site
or what the address is? Has anyone on the list been to Plonsk?
We are planning a trip to Poland this summer and since my husband's
father lived near Ben Gurion's house that is one of the places we are
hoping to visit.

Googling for Ben Gurion and Plonsk includes a result on the Yad Vashem site.
A report there is named "Israeli Youth >from Ramat Hanegev Meets Polish Youth
in Plonsk,..." - File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat


Describing group visits of students >from Israel to Plonsk it mentions:

"Part 3-4 At Ben Gurions' Monument. (the report includes pictures)

"At the place where once stood the house where Ben Gurion was born, there is
a "Tree of Memory", and a modest monument dedicated to the commemoration of
Ben Gurion . The "Tree of Memory" is a metal tree shaped like a weeping
willow. "Leaves of Memories" are hung upon that "Tree" by members of all
Israeli delegations >from Ramat Hanegev visiting Plonsk , to symbolize the
ties between the two communities"

"On the way to the monument the delegation passed by the tenement house in
the old square of town, which was considered in the past to be the house
where Ben Gurion grew up. There is a commemorative table on the wall
mentioning it. In the corner of this building there is a luncheon named
"Bengurionowka" where you can order Jewish traditional sweets for desert."

The place seems well known and should be easy to find. The report says:

" Of course, everything was planned in advance, including deliberately
emphasizing Ben Gurion in the speeches. After seeing the size of the town,
and realizing its marginal part in Polish and general history, we can
understand why they are so proud of the fact that such a historical figure
like Ben Gurion was born in their town. A friend of mine, a teacher who had
stayed for half a year in Plonsk on a Sabbatical, heard >from a retired
physicist there that for him, Ben Gurions' birth in Plonsk is far more
important than Henryk Sienkiewicz brief sojourn there! ... (... The
"Sienkiewicz" school is named after the very famous Polish writer, Nobel
Prize winner, Henryk Sienkiewicz ("Quo Vadis").)"

David Ben Gurion was originally either David Grün / Gruen/ Gryn - all these
forms turn up in Google, plus Green.... A town search in the 1929 Polish
Business Directory Project
shows that scanned data for Plonsk are in pages 2020 (also 2021) of the

A fast, superficial look shows a Grün, M and a Gryn, K, both in what seems
to be Zdunska Street, and working in "grains".
Bear in mind that this was in 1929, and that Plonsk had then over 9500
inhabitants. Ben Gurion arrived in Palestine in 1906. Obviously, they may be
relatives, or not.

At the same time, the 1929 directory is a resource that may show some of
Ellen husband's relatives (occupation, last name, initial for first name,
street name)

Best wishes,

Carlos Glikson

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