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Geoff Kaiser <geoff.kaiser@...>

Dear Researchers,

I would be pleased to hear >from anyone that may have a link to or knowledge
of LICHTENSTEINs >from Breslau, Ostrowo and any of the surrounding areas.

My starting point is Carl LICHTENSTEIN, a chocolatier who had a factory in
the small town of Unruhstadt. He was not born there. The factory was
acquired by Nazis in 1939 and after WWII became owned by Nestle. His DOB
was 9 November 1869, died in Auschwitz. Carl was married to Caecilie PACH,
my G Grand aunt. There one son Rudolph, went to the UK in the 1930 and then
onto USA after WWII.

Carl had one brother Adolph and three sisters, Cilly, Rosa (Rosel?) and
Anna. Cilly married a LAMM, Anna married a ZWIRN and Rosa married Ephraim
KAISER (a son of my G grand uncle).

I know that Ephraim KAISER was born in Ostrowo on Aug 26 1899, however in
the 1920 and 30's lived in Beslau before emigrating to Palestine in about

Anyone with knowledge of these LICHTENSTEINs and descendants through LAMM,
ZWIRN and KAISER can contact me privately. I have of course looked at JGFF,
but not every one has their details posted there.

Geoff Kaiser
Melbourne - Australia

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