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Prof. G. L. Esterson <jerry@...>

Shelly Levin posted to the Mailing List as follows:

"Anyone out there in genealogy land familiar with the given name of
Badaszka and it's derivation?

My GG GM was Bejla Badaszka LANGUS nee DANOWSKI. Her great grandmother was

I checked the Jewish Gen given name database and came up empty handed. It
doesn't seem to be a very common given name and I would like to learn more."

In studying the Given Names Data Bases of JewishGen for unusual/uncommon
names, it is best to enter as the Search Name only the first syllable or
the first two syllables (for long names). Your chances of finding exactly
the name you are seeking decrease as you add more syllables to the Search
Name, due to their being more possible variants.

This technique does give you more hits to consider, but there is also a
higher likelihood that you will find the name you are seeking, or one
resembling it but with a somewhat different spelling. These are the
dangers of different people transliterating Yiddish and/or secular names
into English characters differently!

Thus, I suggest that you try the Search Name "Bad*" and/or "Bada*" (note
the asterisk, but leave out the quotation marks). Using these Search Names
with the Poland GNDB, and Global Text Search, you will find one result to
be the Yiddish nickname "Badashe" --- and there is a good likelihood that
your name Badaszka is an endearment nickname form for the nickname Badashe
(which does not appear in the GNDB for Poland!). You will also see there a
number of alternative, related names which you can keep in mind when you
search other archival sources.

Good luck with your research.

Professor G L Esterson, Ra'anana, Israel

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