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James Bennett <Bennett@...>

Two days ago I queried about Adolf and Milly MOSCOVITCH, born in the
1870's, who reached Britain in the 1890's >from Wielun, W. Poland. He was my
grandfather's first cousin, and they lived five houses >from one another on
Dow St, Salford North, Manchester in 1901.

Today I learned that Adolf's brother, Bernard MOSKOWITZ, of
Boston,USA, changed his name to MORSE in about 1915. Adolf visited his
brother in Boston in 1904, but apparently returned to England.

So now I'm searching for Adolf and Milly's descendants in Manchester
or anywhere else in Britain, America, S. Africa, etc. I am guessing their
name was changed too, to MORSE, MORRIS, MOSS, etc. Personal names of
their children and grandchildren would be based on ancestors: Joseph,
Juda>Julius>Julian, Melech, Michael, Dora, Ester, Nacha>Natalie, Nancy.

In Britain are there name-changing records accessible by internet?

Jim Bennett

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