A Challenge to Kolomea Researchers #galicia


We have another challenge which will help all Kolomea
researchers who have long been waiting for easy access
to vital records for Kolomea and nearby towns.

A very kind and generous Kolomea researcher, who wishes to
remain anonymous, has issued a challenge to all Kolomea area
researchers. Details follow.

Kolomea, now Kolomyya, located at coordinates 4832 2502 in
the western part of Ukraine was an important Jewish town in
Eastern Galicia prior to WW2.

Kolomea is one of 87 Administrative towns included in the
JRI-Poland AGAD project. Vital records that were registered
in Kolomea, and are now housed at the AGAD Archives in
Warsaw, will be indexed by JRI-Poland in cooperation with
AGAD. These records are:

Births: 1865-1899
Marriages: 1877-1899
Deaths: 1865-1894, 1898-1899

Kolomea requires $6,058 to completely fund its Indexing
requirements. $1,790 has been contributed to date. Our
anonymous benefactor will contribute the last 25%
($1,514) if 75% ($4,544) of the requirements is contributed
before December 31, 2001. Please do not delay. If you are
interested in seeing the Kolomea records indexed and
preserved online, please act quickly.

For more information about the Kolomea, please contact
Town Leader, Alan Weiser <alanboy@erols.com> or
myself <willie46@aol.com>.

You can help ensure the indexing of the Kolomea records.
Please consider a contribution to the AGAD project. Information
on contributing is available at

The AGAD record indices contained in the JRI-Poland database
would not be accessible to researchers without our host,
JewishGen. In addition to your contribution to the JRI-Poland
AGAD Project that supports indexing of the records, we hope
you will also give to JewishGen to help defray the cost of
maintaining these records. An easily accessible contribution
form is available at

Mark Halpern
AGAD Archive Coordinator

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