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Suzan Wynne <srwynne@...>

I am interested in generating discussion about the "state of the art" in how
individuals and people working on Shtetl Link and other town websites are
approaching the creation of "virtual" shtetls. I personally feel that I have
enough data to create "virtual" communities for 6 Galician towns but I don't
want to create another wheel. I'd like to hear about what others are doing
about the technical aspects of doing this.

For example, I am aware that some people are trying to use Excel. Is there a
standard spread sheet format? Are there standards for the information? How
do people feel this approach is working?

Has anyone developed software that is promising?

I've thought about taking a narrative approach where family groupings are
discussed, rather than listed, as in a spread sheet format.

Are there barriers to using the Shtetl Link websites for this purpose? If
so, what are they?

Let me also add this "addendum":

Judging >from some of the responses that I've had to my inquiry about
technical assistance with creating a "virtual" shtetl, I think I need to
clarify my objective. I am not interested in re-creating Shtetl Links. In
fact, I am definitely not interested in creating websites of any kind though
it may be that website software will turn out to be the best way to go.
Shtetl Links websites certainly could become the recipients of the concept I
have in mind.

We have a handful of censuses for our ancestral communities. They provide a
snapshot of who lived in the community on a periodic basis. When combined
with other data such as information >from vital records, yizkor books, Yad
Vashem, oral history/personal knowledge, etc., we flesh out our personal
family trees. My interest is in creating a community tree, that is
recreating all the family trees for a particular town from, say, 1850 to
1942 and linking them where appropriate to create a "virtual" community.

Excel or any spread sheet software is a way of listing people but does not
offer an adequate graphic mechanism in my view. The ideal would be Family
Tree Maker "on steroids" since one would be able to generate multiple
linkages where necessary but I feel that FTM, unless reconfigured, would be
problematic. I feel sure that others have thought long and hard about this
and I'd love to hear >from you.

Please answer privately.

Suzan Wynne
Kensington, MD

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