What's In A Name? #galicia

Alan <alanboy@...>

I have received a wonderful story >from one of our Kolomea Research
Group members, who passed on a remembrance >from his father. The story
presented below describes how the town name came into being. I would
like any independent verification of this story. I would especially
like to know when the name came into use. Please direct replies to me
personally. Thank you.

(NOTE: The town name has many variations in spellings depending on
the country that was ruling at the time as well as ethnic variations.
These variations can be found on our web site at
http://www.shtetlinks.jewishgen.org/kolomea/kolomad.htm). One Polish
version of the town spelling is KOLOMYJA.

THE STORY: The story teller uses the spelling KOLOMYJE and explains
that "kolo" in Polish is wheel and "myje" in Polish is mud. The name
came >from the fact that wagons would be led through the nearby Prut
River's running water to clean the mud off the wheels.

Alan Weiser, Coordinator
Kolomea Research Group & Web Site
Silver Spring

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