Names - duplicate? #galicia

Fran Segall <Fran_Segall@...>

A cousin of mine, in Bolszowce, Galicia (currently Bolshovtsy, Ukr), was
named Chana. On one of her brother's passenger manifests, their mother's
name appears to be Chana Liba; on another, their mother' name is (typed)
Chana Sabo.

Either way, it appears that both mother and daughter were named Chana, an
oddity in Ashkenazic naming! Has anyone run into this? Is it likely?
Nowadays, we look at at second name as a "middle name" but is it possible
that Chana Sabo or Chana Liba would be considered a different name than just
Chana? Any idea what the "meaning" of Chana "Sabo" or Chana "Liba" might be?

I'm new to these SIG lists, but have already had one mystery solved.



Fran Segall - Manassas, VA

Doing research on: STRICK - Wielopole, LICHTMAN/LICHTMANN -
Stanislavov/Ivano-Frankovs'k and Bolszowce/Bol'shovtsy,
BROUDA/BREWDA/BREVDA - Amstibove/Mstibovo, KLETZEL/KLETSEL - Volhynia region

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