My reasons for researching Galicia #galicia

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My reasons for researching Galicia

Each one of us have a different reason why we spend so much time and money
in researching family history in Galicia. In some way or another, I think
it comes down to make the connection between beloved known family members
and, till you find them, unknown ancestors and relatives.

My connection to Galicia started back in 1993 when my friend Erela told me
she was a child survivor of Holocaust who did not know her original
identity. She had just been diagnosed with bonemarrow cancer and
understood that her time was running out.
During these last eight years, through a very intensive research we did as
a team, parallel to Erela's treatments, we were able to answer the most
basic questions Erela had asked about herself and her background.

Through this search and after discovering the identities of her parents and
family members, Galicia became more and more real for us:
RAVA RUSKA was the place her mother Necha Nella Weinrath was born in 1919.
LUBACZOW was the place her mother NECHA NELLA WEINRATH issued her ID card in 1937.
LUBACZOW was the place where her maternal grandmother REISEL WEINRATH died
around 1935 and where we still hope to find her gravestone.
YAVOROV was the place her mother graduated >from the Polish Gymnasium in
LWOW/LVIV was the place where her father JOSEPH NORBERT HILFERDING was born
in 1910.
LWOW/LVIV was the place her parents lived as a married couple.
LWOW/LVIV was the city where Erela was born in 1942 as MARYSZA HILFERDING.
BRODY was the place her Hilferding family had come from.
BIALY KAMIEN/ BELYY KAMEN was the place her grandmother Salomea HILFERDING
nee ZOLLER was born in 1879.
ZAKOPANE was the place her mother fled to after the Hilferding family was
murdered in Lwow in August 1942.
ZAKOPANE was the place Erela was saved by two Polish families, ROMAN and
TRYBUS, till the war was over.

We visited Zakopane back in 1994 together with Israeli and Polish TV.
After that Erela could not travel any more.
Our dreams of visiting the other places together were impossible to realise.

On November 19th 2001 Erela died.
The next day she was buried here at Shadmot Dvorah with many of the other
child survivors paying her their last respects.

Erela once proudly said: "For a person who didn't even know my own original
name - I now even know the name of my greatgrandparents and I have a photo
of my greatgrandmother!"

On another occassion she said:" I have come a long way in my life. In a
symbolic way, it will show when it is written on my gravestone:
Daughter of Joseph Norbert Hilferding and Necha Nella nee Weinrath."

Our friendship was so close, I feel I have lost an older sister.
Because of this close friendship I know I will continue the search we
started together, and in this way Erela will stay with me for a long time.

Blessed be her memory!

Eva Floersheim
Shadmot Dvorah

WEINRATH: Lubaczow, Anywhere in Galicia
HILFERDING: Lviv, Brody, Budapest, Vienna
ZOLLER: Belyy Kamen
BILLIG: Belyy Kamen, Brody

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