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Dear Brian,

Thank you for the information, about the index names project in Miodowa
Street Cemetery. Three years ago I tried to get a list and the Jewish
Fund answered that it's impossible!!

I'll be grateful for any piece of information.

Yona Egozi

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Subject: Miodowa Street Cemetery in Krakow
From: Brian Blitz <blitzba@hotmail.com>
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 2009 18:42:41 -0400
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About ten years ago, there was a message posted to the JewishGen lists
regarding an ongoing project to index the names in one of the burial
registers for the Miodowa Street Cemetery in Krakow (supposedly 20,000+
names). Can anyone direct me to the results of that project? I am familiar
with the lists on shoreshim.org, but those lists do not appear to have as
many names.

Alternatively, does anyone know who to contact to have someone look up
information in the burial register?

Thank you.

Brian Blitz
New York

Researching: GLICKSTEIN/GLUCKSTERN (Sniatyn, Kamenka), DORTER (Galicia),
LANGER (Krakow), KLIMPL (Bohemia), SALZ (Krakow, Jaworow), HAUSELBERG/
HEISELBERG (Krakow, Jaworow), WEBER (Jaworow), ZIMMERMAN (Jaworow),
HEIMBERGER (Lvov, Brody, Vienna)

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