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I am trying to pinpoint where my great grandparents, Oscar STERN
and Fradel (SZRENZIL) STERN are from. The information I have shows
that in 1871 they lived in Narajow, in 1877 they lived in Piniaki,
and in the 1880s and 1890s they lived in Rykow and Narajow.
According to JewishGen, these towns have multiple combinations
of possibilities. I assume they are all not too far >from each
other, but I am having a hard timing pinning down the correct
towns. Any suggestions?

Eric J. Ellman
N. Bethesda, MD

Searching: ELLMAN (Minkovsty, Ukraine), ROSENBERG (Lomza, Nowogrod,
Poland), KOTZEN (Riga, Latvia), KREIGER (Riga; and Kedainiai, Lithuania),
FAGIN (Dvinsk, Latvia), COIRA, (Minkovsty, Ukr.), MAIDMAN (Minkovsty, Ukr),
GREENBERG (Rzeszow, Galicia), WYSZYNSKI (Mlawa, Poland), COHEN (London),
STORCH (Rzeszow, Galicia), STERN (Narajow, Galacia)

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