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Renee Steinig

Eric Ellman <EEllman@...> asked about the location of three
Galician towns -- Narajow, Piniaki, and Rykow -- where his
great-grandparents, Oscar STERN and Fradel (SZRENZIL)
STERN, lived.

A search in the JRI-Poland database for Eric's family's records
shows that Narajow is located at coordinates 4932 2446, in the
Tarnopol region. Its current name, >from the JewishGen
is Narayev, Ukraine. For more information about the town, see
the JewishGen Communities Database at
Unfortunately, the yizkor book for Brzezany, Narajow and vicinity
includes many Shoah victims named SHTERN.

The Genealogical Gazetteer of Galicia lists three towns named
Rykow, all in eastern Galicia (now Ukraine). One Rykow was
near Skole, another near Turka, and the third near Zloczew.(now
Zolochiv, Ukraine). The Rykow near Zloczew was the closest to
Narajow. This Rykow is probably now the Polyany (4944/2459,
17 miles NE of Narayev) for which the ShtetlSeeker gives the
alternate name Rykuv.

Piniaki (or Pieniaki) is now Penyaki (4954 2511, 31 miles NE of
Narayev). It's mentioned on one of JewishGen's ShtetLinks
pages for Brody

See the JewishGen SIG Archives at
for past references to Najarow and Pieniaki on the Gesher Galicia
Mailing List and to Polyany on this list.

Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills, New York, USA

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