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Israel P

It appears that I shall be needing to place an order with the Katowice
Archives in a few weeks.

I would be pleased to have anyone interested join me.

Please make sure that the record(s) that you want appear(s) in the JRI-
Poland database and that the words "Katowice Archives" appear in the
heading of the search results.

There is a summary of the available records in the Katowice Archives at
http://www.jewishgen.org/JRI-PL/psa/psakatowice.htm and I have no
knowledge of my own. I have never ordered >from the Katowice Archives
before and cannot speak responsibly about how long it takes etc. (I'm
just a regular guy who needs to place an order and wants help covering
bank expenses etc.)

This order will be >from the Archives, not >from the Civil Records Office.

Speak with me or write to me privately regarding details.

Israel Pickholtz

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