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Susan Weinberg

I'd appreciate if anyone can decipher information >from three records that I
recently got >from the Radom Archives. I have posted them on Viewmate and
they will be up for the next seven days:

13002 http://www.jewishgen.org/viewmate/viewmateview.asp?key=13002

I believe this record is my great-great grandfather's death record. It
is for Josek Rubinsztajn >from Radom, Poland in 1881. There were two
Josek Rubinsztajns born in 1882 and one I know is family, which leads
me to believe this is likely the person that they were named after. I'm
especially interested in his age and if his spouse Laia is named or
parents and other survivors.

13003 http://www.jewishgen.org/viewmate/viewmateview.asp?key=13003

I know this is the death record >from 1904 of my great-great grandmother who
I believe was born in Radom, Poland around 1812. I'm especially interested
in whether an age is given and if I'm reading the first name of the Weinberg
witness correctly as Leib Sana. I'd also be interested in whether it
mentions any relationship with the Weinberg witness. Her parents are
correctly given as David and Sura Bekierman.

13004 http://www.jewishgen.org/viewmate/viewmateview.asp?key=13004

This is the record of one of the Josek Rubinsteins born in 1882 in Radom. I
think his mother's name is Raezla Huberman, but could not make out the
father's name (possibly Chaim). I am also trying to decipher the first name
of the Weinberg witness and if it states any relationship.

Susan Weinberg
Edina, Minnesota

Radom & Sienno
Belarus: RAICHEL, ZINGER, SCHER, GOLD, LIEBOWITZ >from Dunilowicz & Glebokie
Ukraine: KISHLANSKY, SCHIECHER >from Kamenetz Podolsk & Chotin

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