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Avigdor Ben-Dov <a.bendov@...>

To one and all,

I don't know if it bothers others, but I dislike the use of
the word "liquidation" in referring to the wanton destruction, for
example, of the Lodz ghetto, as was recently announced in these messages.
How unjust it is to adopt the language of the enemy of the Jewish people,
to speak so of the destruction and brutal killing of men, women and
children! Words can and do hide the facts and destroy honesty in the

If the sponsors of a commemoration ceremony, in their innocence, choose
such a title, what can I say? Nevertheless, such terminology is close to
the limits of being offensive and I hope it will not be repeated or used
in personal messages posted here.

The same criticism can be applied to the distorted use of the word
"extermination" to describe the murder of human beings, be they Jews
or non-Jews. Murder is murder, It is not bug spraying.

I sincerely offer the suggestion that sensitive researchers try to seek
a change in the words that are used to describe the horrible crimes that
were perpetrated on our families which we invariably discover in genealogy
research that touches the European world.

Avigdor Ben-Dov

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Although the subject of this message is not strictly
about genealogy, the words we use to describe our history are important
as we remember our past and our families. However, this message will
not be the beginning of a thread on this subject.

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