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Raanan Wlosko

Hello all

Izak Senderoviez and Jura Wosk Senderoviez, born circa 1895, had 4
children - Malka, Ester, David and Shepsel. All were last seen on
the bridge crossing the Narev River when exiled >from Pultusk in
September 1939.

According to Yad Vashem testimony page all were sent to Auschwitz.

Jura Wosk Senderoviez was my paternal GM aunt.
Unfortunately we have no record, document or picture of them to shed
some light about their life.
I don't know any one >from the Senderoviez side.
I'm seeking for information about Izak and Jura Senderoviez Family
from Pultusk.
Thank you

Raanan Wlosko

Wlosko, Golomb, Wosk, Alabaster, Ostrokulski, Senderoviez >from Pultusk.
Tieger, Ludmer, Redish or Redicsh, Perl, Feier, Juran and Traw >from
Galicia...Perl >from Vienna. Juran >from Magdeburg

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