ROSENFELD from Tarnow #galicia

Georges Rosenfeld <rosenfeld@...>

Dear Jewishgen colleages

My father, Sigmund Rosenfeld, was born 1888 in Bobowa (near Nowy Sacz). =
His grandfather, Moses Rosenfeld, was a wealthy baker in Tarnow, owner =
of mills and saw-mills, trading flour and timber. The family lived in =
the Tarnow area.

One of father's uncles (a son, a nephew of Moses Rosenfeld?) traded with =
clothes for catholic priests. He later left for Palestine to die in the =
Holy Land. In the 1891 business directory I could find a Ch(anna) =
Rosenfeld >from Strji, involved in the same trade. There is no evidence =
that there could be any connections between the two.
Is there any posssibility to find a trace of my relative, who left for =
Eretz Israel?

Your sugestions would be highly appreciated

Georges Rosenfeld
Neuchatel / Switzerland

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