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can anyone advise how I can find/obtain the following?

from jewishgen.org:
Kielce-Radom SIG Journal Volume V, Number 2: Special section on
Stopnica. The focus of several pieces in this issue is the town of
Stopnica ("Stabnitz", in Yiddish), in southeastern Kielce gubernia.
There has been no Yizkor Book published for Stopnica, and no extant
vital records before 1875. But we have pulled together several diverse
articles about Stopnica, translated >from Hebrew, Yiddish, and Polish:

* A translation of the Stopnica article >from Yad Vashem's
Hebrew-language Pinkas HaKehillot, ["Encyclopaedia of Jewish
Communities"], Polen, Volume VII (Jerusalem: Yad Vashem, 1999).
The article is by Daniel Blatman, and was translated by Manuel Silver.

* Alek Silver's "Memorial Anniversary for a Jewish Town in Poland",
from the Yiddish magazine Der Onheib (Number 21, 1992), translated
by Mark Froimowitz;

* A recollection of the extermination of the Jews of Stopnica, as told
by a Polish witness, >from Kartki z przeszlosci ruchu ludowego w
bylym powiecie stopnickim [Pages on the History of the Peasant
Movement in the former Stopnica county] (Warszawa, 1965), by
Franciszek Faliszewski, translated >from Polish by Halina Brown.

* A transcription of the 1929 Business Directory entries for Stopnica,
from Ksiega Adresowa Polski (Wraz z w.m. Gdanskiem) dla Handlu,
Przemyslu Rzemiosl i Rolnictwa.

Ann Linder
Florida USA
In Sosnowice: WENGER, WEGIER var.

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[jri-pl] Index of Voter Lists: Stopnice
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I saw this on the jewishgen.org website and wondered how I could get
access to it. Can someone advise?
I am interested in Stopnice and Nowy Korczyn. Thanks.

Kielce-Radom SIG Journal
Contents of Volume One (1997)
Fourth Issue:
Index of all surnames >from voter lists and Yizkor books >from the four
eastern districts of Kielce gubernia: Kielce, Jedrzejow, Pinczow and
Stopnica. Compiled by Alexander Beider, nearly three thousand surnames
are given, along with their sources: specific Yizkor books, and the
number of voters with that surname in each district.

Major towns included in these districts are: Bodzentyn, Busko-Zdroj,
Checiny, Chmielnik, Daleszyce, Dzialoszyce, Jedrzejow, Kazimierza
Wielka, Kielce, Koszyce, Kurozweki, Lopuszno, Malogoszcz, Nowy Korczyn,
Pacanow, Pierzchnica, Pinczow, Piotrkowice, Sedziszow, Skalbmierz,
Slupia, Sobkow, Stopnica, Suchedniow, Szydlow, Wislica, and Wodzislaw.

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