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I'm looking for anyone who could help me translate some tombstones from
Hebrew. They are on viewmate # 15233 and 15234. I was looking for an Adler
who was the younger brother of my great-grandfather. He was born near
Nurzec, Poland and emigrated >from Grodno in 1913. He died as a child after
getting settled in the the US.

I have been told that the names on these stones are both female. He also
had a younger sister who was known as Fannie who passed away as a child I'm
not sure where she was born but I was told she was likely buried in a mass
grave after the custom of that time. These are the only two childrens'
stones in the cemetery. If someone could translate them, I would appreciate
it. If someone could also offer some insight on the practice of burying
infant female children in unmarked graves, I would appreciate that as well.
Was that a local thing or something that came >from the old country?

If these stones aren't for my family, I'll be sure to pass any translations
on to the caretaker of the Beth Abraham Cemetery in Bangor, ME so he can
update his records for other family members.

The direct links to these images can be found at:



Thank you,
Sam MacIlroy

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