JRI Poland #Poland Seeking Beth David gravesite photos #poland


Dear fellow enthusiasts,

May I impose again on your generosity?

If anyone has plans for visiting Beth David cemetery
in Elmont, NY and would be willing to shoot photos, can
you please contact me at osborn@...?

I would love photos of the two headstones of my
great grandparents Philip and Sarah SILBER/SILVER, both
of whom passed away in 1936. Philip came >from Sokolow
Malpolski, and Sarah >from Ulanow, Poland.

As always, I am grateful!

Kind regards,
Marla Raucher Osborn
Palo Alto, CA

Please reply to osborn@...

Researching surnames HORN, FRUCHTER, LIEBLING >from Rohatyn (formerly,
Galicia); SILBER >from Ulanow and Sokolow Malapolski (Poland); BLECHER
from Soroka, Bessarabia (Moldova), BRUNSHTEIN, SARFAS/CHARFAS, and
FABER >from Mohyliv Podilskyy and Kamyanets Podilskyy (today, Ukraine);
and RAUCHER/RAUSCHER >from Przemysl (Poland)

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