JRI Poland #Poland Email to Annemarie JUTEL bounced #poland


I'm trying to reach Annemarie JUTEL, with whom I corresponded in 2003
regarding our mutual research into the (uncommon) Jewish surname of
DROZDIASZ (or variants of that name). I just received some interesting,
new data re Jews of that name in Poland (including listings >from the
1930 Warsaw phone directory) I'd like to share with her.

If you have a current e-mail address for her, please write me privately.

Naidia Woolf
San Francisco, CA
Formerly of Birmingham, England


DROZDIASZ/DROSDASH/RAUS/ROSE: Preston, England, UK; Karczew, Poland
ISAACS, Solomon and Sarah: Birmingham, England; Poland (near Warsaw)
KUJAWSKI: Lodz, Poland
SUMMERS and WINTER: Paterson, New Jersey, USA; Lodz/Kalisz, Poland
SAFIRSTEIN (or variants of that name): Karczew, Poland

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