JRI Poland #Poland Re: Wrong Email Address for Siedlce Archive #poland

Mark Halpern <willie46@...>

Dear Marilyn:

The Polish State Archives website has a list of Archives at
which will connect you to the Siedlce (or any other) Archive. Most of these
Archives have an English language website as Siedlce has at
http://www.siedlce.ap.gov.pl/en/index.html The email address given on the
English "contact" page is archiw@siedlce.com. However, the Polish "kontact"
webpage provides the email address archiw@siedlce.ap.gov.pl Try this one.

Two other tips for those communicating with any of the Archives in Poland.

1) Some of the Archives have spam filters that may not allow your ISP
address through. To avoid this, use a web based free email service like
Google or Yahoo and send your mail >from there.

2) All the Archives (except AGAD) will correspond with you in Polish - you
can write in English. Google Translate does an acceptable job of translating
these communications so you will understand the gist of their message.

Mark Halpern

----- Original Message -----
I send an email to archiw@siedlce.com to request the cost for ordering
a record >from Siedlce.

I got the address >from Polish State Archives Regional Archive and Branch
contact information.

Does anyone have an updated email address for them? I would rather not
write a letter as I do not speak, read, or write Polish. Also not sure
if the mailing address in the contact information is correct.

Marilyn Silva

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