JRI Poland #Poland Re: Question on How to Obtain Records 100 Years or Less #poland

Susan Weinberg

I visited Radom, Poland this summer and went to the USC archives. I wrote
about my experience using the archives on the Radom Shtetlink. Here is the
portion on the USC.

"By ordering original Book of Residents pages, I had found the death dates
for my great-grandparents and went to the USC to obtain their death
certificates as well as another family member's marriage record. The USC
does not give you a copy of the record. Rather they complete a form with
the relevant information which for marriage records included age at
marriage, parents' names and date of marriage. The USC is not really an
archive so most of the people who frequent it are seeking copies of current
records. As a result the costs are higher so you may wish to use it
judiciously. A record costs 22 zlotys which is roughly $7 at this writing.
I had e-mailed the USC ahead of time to determine which of my records they
had available and received a response in English. I then asked for the
person who I had corresponded with when I went to the USC which simplified
the process considerably'

As I recall they told me that I could not order records >from them by mail,
but I don't know if that was specific to the Radom USC. I did communicate
with them ahead of time and they told me what they had or didn't have.
There were quite a few records which one would have expected them to have
which they could not locate.

Susan Weinberg
Edina, Minnesota

KISHLANSKY, SCHIECHER (Kamenezt, Podolsk, Ukraine)
RAICHEL, SHER (Dunilowicz, Glebokie, Belarus)

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