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Ann Linder

Kitty was deported >from France to Auschwitz. On the deportation
record it records her birth as May 14, 1906 & her birthplace in French
as Strazu but likely was misspelled.

My mother recalls that there was a town nearby Sosnowiec with a
similar name that had a military base.
On Jewishgen I found a couple of possibilities, one being close to
Yiddish pronunciation:
Strzow, Poland, 49 52' N 21 48' E; 271 km SSE of Warszawa
Brucha, Kitty's mother, was originally >from Stopnice and when Brucha
married perhaps she married a man >from Strazu. Stopnice is 50 26' N
20 57' E; 202 km S of Warszawa

I would love to find birth indexes for the time period c.1900-1921 if
they exist for Kitty and her siblings.
Any thoughts on Strazu? and the military base location?

Kindest Regards,
Ann Linder
Florida USA

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