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Sam <sam.macilroy@...>

My great-grandfather Max Adler was born in Nurzec, near Bocki in
1908. I have been pretty unsuccessful over the last few years at locating
any records through JRI even though I have dates for his birth and those of
his siblings and his parents. However, I recently found the birth of his
brother-in-law on JRI. His brother in law was Barney Scher, AKA
Reuben Schonofsky, Rubin Schenfsky, Reuben Shnofsky and ultimately in JRI as
Ruwin Szachnowski.

My question is are there as many different variations of the last name
Adler depending on where in Poland you might happen to be located? If so,
does anyone have any suggestions as to the possible variations?

Thanks in advance,
Sam MacIlroy

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