JRI Poland #Poland Re: Alternate Surnames #poland

Sally Bruckheimer

Obviously Barney was the UK/USA name used by Reuben. His surname was
shortened to Scher.

His surname was written in Europe however the clerk heard the name,
in whatever language that clerk used; nobody asked for the correct
spelling, as spelling was not important. If Reuben lived in
Russian Poland, it might have been in Cyrillic letters or Latin letters
(Russian or Polish), but if Reuben wrote his surname he would have
probably written it in Hebrew letters - in Yiddish.

All this causes spelling differences. Then, if an indexer transliterates
the Polish or Russian or Yiddish, there are further changes possible.
It is possible that some individuals misread the often difficult handwritten
records, and other indexes obviously are different.

So look at all the surnames, and consider what the name originally was.
You have to consider all the possibilities in looking for future records.
"Sz-" is the more common Polish spelling of the English sound "Sh-" or
German/Yiddish "Sch-". JRI-Poland's spelling should be close to the
Polish spelling and, indeed, the name is "Sz-", however the rest of
the name varies.

Sally Bruckheimer
Piscataway, NJ

MODERATOR'S NOTE: To see possible spelling variants of surnames in
a town, look at the surname lists linked >from the "Your Town" pages
on the JRI-Poland website.

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