JRI Poland #Poland Re: Seeking info re my ggm's time in Warsaw #poland

Mikhail Matusov <misomaja@...>

Dear all,

Thanks to the help of Nicole Berlin I was able to locate addresses
where I believe the family of my grandmother lived in Warsaw between
1909 and 1915. The main address was Nalewki 20, and there is another
address on Rybaki 2, where I believe one of grandmother's brothers
stayed. I understand that Nalewki was later in the middle of the
Warsaw getto. I was wondering if there is a chance that any original
buildings survived? Also, is there any information on schools in that
area at that time? My grandmother was 7 years old when they moved to
Warsaw and I know that she attended some school there. I would like to
be able to locate possible schools...

Mikhail Matoussov
Ottawa, ON

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