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Alexander Sharon

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From: "Alexander Sharon"

I have a copy of this book. It was published by Jewish Historical
Institute, Warsaw in 2004, edited by Stanislaw Maczka. Original title:
Zydzi polscy w KL Auschwitz wykazy imienne" and it also exhibits an
English title "Polish Jews in KL Auschwitz name lists".

The book lists 17,949 names of Polish Jews registered in the survived
documentation of prisoners of KL Auschwitz.

To my best knowledge, the book was not digitized, and there is no
particular reason for digitization since a CD is attached to the book and
surnames/names can be easily located. The list provides very basic
information: surname/name, date of births, date of death or note of
liberation, or date of evacuation to other KL Buchenwald, Gross-Rosen,

I've received several requests about availability of the CD. The
CD is attached to the book, and is not available for purchase as
a separate item. I'll be glad to check researched by you name
of the Polish Jews listed in this book. Please drop a line.

As I've mentioned earlier, the book includes 17,499 names
registered in various documents and related to KL Auschwitz
prisoners. This is very small portion of the estimated 300 to
380 thousand of our people >from Poland that perished
anonymously in Auschwitz. Most Polish Jews were murdered
elsewhere in the death camps of Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka,
Chelmno and Majdanek as well in the mass executions nearby
or in the places where they lived. Approximately 150
thousand died of starvations or a result of epidemics in ghettos.

Of the Jews murdered in in Auschwitz the largest group was
directed to the gas chambers immediately after unloading >from
transports. Overall, more than one milion European Jews were
killed in Auschwitz. The largest group were Hungarian Jews -
over 430 thousand.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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