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Alexander Sharon

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Subject: Records for Korolivka

I am researching relatives who came >from Korolivka in the district of
Borschiv in Galicia. Where would vital records for the late1800s be found?
Can someone give me the necessary address and research guidelines.

Michael Marx Lexington, MA, USA email:


There were several Korolowka in Galicia and there appears be a bit of a
confusion as to their locations.
One Korolowka was located in Tarnopol, and three in Stanislawow regions.

1. Korolowka, powiat (district) Borszczow [Borshchev], Tarnopol [Ternopil]
Late 19th century vital records (those 100 years old and older) for
Borshchev are located in Warsaw's AGAD Archives.
AGAD Archives Galicia data is currently the subject of JRI-P AGAD Initiative

Newest than 100 years vital records are located in Warsaw Archives known as
USC Warszawa Srodmiescie or Archiwa Zabuzanskie.

2. Korolowka, powiat (district) Kolomyja [Kolomyya], Stanislawow
[Ivano-Frankivsk] Province
3. Korolowka [Korolevka], powiat (district) Tlumacz, Stanislawow
[Ivano-Frankivsk] Province
4. Olejowo-Korolowka [Oleyeva -Korolevka] at 4845 2522, powiat district)
Horodenka, {Gorodenka] Stanislawow [Ivano-Frankivsk] Province

With the notable exception of Korolowka near Borschcev, a large shtetl with
over 3,000 general population, the rest of the Korolowka (s) in Stanislawow
region were rather small villages having general population of about 1,000
people each.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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