JRI Poland #Poland Newly Discovered Radom Tombstones need a translator #poland

Susan Weinberg

In Radom, Poland many previously hidden Jewish tombstones have
been revealed in a new monument in the cemetery. A Polish tombstone
maker had hidden 70 tombstones in a warehouse during the war where
they remained for many years. They were discovered 13 years ago by
Chaim Kincler of the Israeli Radom Society and the children of the
tombstone maker donated them to the city in hopes that they would go
into a museum. Without sufficient funds nothing happened for many
years. With the aid of a fundraising effort in Israel and the volunteer
efforts of Polish prisoners a monument has been built at the Radom
cemetery with about 50 of these tombstones embedded. I believe the
rest are freestanding and are already captured through links on the
Radom Shtetlink, but will verify that when I am in Radom in April. I
have recently gotten photos of eight sections of the wall >from which
most of the tombstones can be clearly read (by someone more fluent
in Hebrew than I am) and would be happy to provide them to anyone
who would like to translate the approximately 50 Hebrew tombstones
so I can post them on the Shtetlink. Some of the names that I can
identify are Frajdas, Glick, Kurc, Koffman, Gutman, Kalkstein,
Zwolinski, Kestenberg, Bialska, Kankus, Najfeld and Fridman.

You can read more about this monument at

<http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3981589,00.html> and


If you are interested in taking on this translation project please
contact me privately.

Susan Weinberg
Edina, Minnesota

ZINGER (Belarus)

MODERATOR NOTE: An alternative to the longer web address is
http://tinyurl.com/Radom-video .

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