JRI Poland #Poland House numbers for Pre-WWI Przemysl? #poland


Dear fellow researchers

Does anyone know of a house numbering resource for pre-WWI Przemysl (Galicia/Poland)?
I ask because I have collected quite a few 19th century birth and death records for my
RAUCHER and KESTENBAUM families >from Przemysl which identify their dwelling numbers at
the time of the event. For exmaple, House #64 in 1864, #15 in 1871, 167 in 1876 & 1877,
and #157 in 1881 and 1883. As I plan to visit Przemysl in Spring of this year, it would
be great to know if any of these houses are still standing and where I can find them.

Thanks for any and all help!

Best regards,
Marla Raucher Osborn
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Researching surnames HORN, FRUCHTER, LIEBLING >from Rohatyn (formerly, Galicia);
SILBER >from Ulanow and Sokolow Malapolski (Poland);
BLECHER >from Soroka, Bessarabia (Moldova);
BRUNSHTEIN, SARFAS/CHARFAS, and FABER >from Mohyliv Podilskyy and Kamyanets Podilskyy (today, Ukraine);

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