JRI Poland #Poland Re: House numbers for Pre-WWI Przemysl? #poland

Pamela Weisberger

Marla Raucher Osborn asked:

"Does anyone know of a house numbering resource for pre-WWI Przemysl
(Galicia/Poland)? I ask because I have collected quite a few 19th century
birth and death records for my RAUCHER and KESTENBAUM families >from Przemysl
which identify their dwelling numbers at the time of the event. As I plan to
visit Przemysl in Spring of this year, it would be great to know if any of
these houses are still standing and where I can find them."

House numbers can be found on the cadastral (land) maps that are housed
at Polish and Ukrainian archives for towns that were once in Galicia.

Gesher Galicia's "Cadastral Map & Landowner Records Project" has been
acquiring these maps over the past three years, and many versions of
these maps not only have house numbers indicated, but often the names
of the residents are written directly onto the map. Our primary researcher
for this project has been Brian Lenius, who describes the mapping system:

"Three distinct property land surveys were conducted for all of Galicia
during the Austrian period of the 18th and 19th centuries. These consisted
of detailed records showing the size of land parcels, type of land, crops grown
and more. The Austrian Stable Cadastral Survey of the 1830s to 1860s consisted
of records and extremely detailed maps showing the smallest parcels of land,
individual yards, houses, barns, roads, field plots, synagogues and even large
trees. At least three versions of these maps were created at the time including
a field sketch, a preliminary drafted version and the Cadastral Map in full color.
At least one or more versions of these maps still exist for most villages."

Our research has focused on the Ukrainian Archives (Ternopil and Lviv) which house
many of these maps, not only for Ukrainian towns but for a few Polish ones, but we
are hoping to expand this project to the Polish State Archives.  I recently visited
the Krakow State Archives and have acquired images of cadastral maps >from Krakow
from 1900 which will be available online soon.
Gesher Galicia has other members who are working on utilizing Google Earth to
overlay cadastral maps onto the satellite images for their towns. In the case
of smaller villages, many of the roads and land plots have stayed the same over
hundreds of years, even if the structures built on them may be new.

These maps offer a snapshot of history and often can, literally, be a road map
to your ancestors' lives.


Pamela Weisberger
Gesher Galicia

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