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Alexander Sharon

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I am researching relatives who came >from Kropivna in the district of
There are several towns by that name; the one that my relatives came from
very near Pomoryany, midway between Lvov and Ternopol (coordinates 4941
My relatives left around 1900 and settled in Toronto. I am interested in
information re the location of vital records for any part of the 19th
century, as well as suggestions re possible ports of entry.

Lawrence W. White MD
(researching SIGAL)

Berkeley CA 94708
email: lwwhitemd@...


Kropiwna (Kropivna) at 4941 2448 shtetl name is a bit unique - there are
several localities known as Kropiwnik (Kropivnik) throughout Galicia, and
both shttel names are identified with the nettle in Ukrainian. Other
Ukrainian Kropiwna are refering to towns outside of ex-Galicia territory

Kropiwna was very small village indeed - only 550 souls have been registered
there during the 1921 census. Since Kropiwna used to be part of the Zloczow
(Zolochev) district, located some 9 miles >from Zolochev where also regional
and provincial courts have been located and where most probably the nearest
synagogue and the Kehila offices were also located, I would suggest to start
research of the vital records >from Zlochev (9 miles distance >from Kropiwna).

On the other hand, Dunajow (Dunayev) is listed as the nearest to Kropiwna
shtetl with all the civilized facilities like post office, telephone and
Poland 1929 Business directory lists
M. SIGAL as the owner of local tavern
Since Dunajow used to be part of Przemyslany [Peremyshlany] district located
just 11 miles >from Kropiwna, Przemyslany records should be also closely
F. SIGAL is listed in Pzremyslany as grain merchant.

You will probably locate Sigal in all close by villages and shtetlakhs. I
would suggest to enter name Sigal into JRI-P database at

by using standard (precise) spelling and restrict the search to Galicia.
There are already more than 100 vital records for 19th century Tarnopol
Province are listed with Sigal names. And to my best knowledge, not all
Tarnopol AGAD records have yet been incorporated into the system

Good luck,

Alexander Sharon

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