ROBINOWITZ, High Point NC [subject provided by Moderator] #galicia

Renee Steinig <RSteinig@...>

AnyBirthday lists a Jacob ROBINOWITZ, born 1908 in High Point. Not listed
on SSDI any state.

from Google: George ROBINOWITZ is on the UNC faculty in Chapel Hill NC,

It's an unusual enough name to be worth pursuing. Would you pass it along
if you think worthwhile?


Renee Steinig

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Have found through Yad Vashem a Page of Testimony presented by a lady
called Else Rindner Robinowitz, en 1993.

Else Rindner Robinowitz was living in [street address deleted] High
Point, NC.

She is listed on the SSDI as having died in 1998 at the age of 75. There
aren't any other Robinowitz's listed in the online phone books for High

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