JRI Poland #Poland Re: DUBELIRER Family from Chorzow #poland

Alexander Sharon

"Linda Shefler wrote

I am interested in the family of Samuel DUBELIRER (~1866-1916) and
Fannie ROZENZAFT (~1871-1898). Their dates of birth and death are
just approximate.

I believe they had the following children: Isidor, Morris (Motel),
Nathan (Nuta), Benjamin and Ejdia. The children were born in Chorzow.

I suspect there are additional children but have been unable to
identify them. The children all immigrated to the United States in
the 1920s, Isidore being the first to immigrate. They settled in New
York and changed their name to DUBLER.

I would greatly appreciate hearing >from anyone who might have this
family in their tree or is familiar with them. I wasn't able to
locate any records for them on JRI Poland and no one has listed them
in JGFF. I am interested in them as they descend >from my GOLDFLUS
Dear Linda,

Are you refering to large city Chorzow in Upper Silesia (Katowice region) or
to small village Chorzow in the Jaroslaw/ Przemysl vicinity?

Best Regards,

Alexander Sharon
JGFF Editor

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