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Perets Mett <p.mett@...>

I am afraid that this is a common misconception.

However, the fact that two names sound alike does not mean that they are
connected etymologically.

For example, the English name Jack has no etymological connection with
Jacob (which it sounds like); rather it is a derivation >from John.

Likewise, the Yiddish name Michl, or Michel (but certainly not Michal)
has no etymological connection with the Hebrew name Michael.

The Hebrew name Yechiel developed into the form Ichel, which later
became Michel, as the historical documents show.

The combination Yechiel-Michel is entirely cognate to Shlomo-Zalman,
where the first part is a genuine Hebrew name and the second part is the
kinuy (Yiddish form).

The reference to Yosef Eliyahu in this context is red herring.

Perets Mett

On 29 Mar 2011, at 8:20, Yossi Yagur wrote:

Hi all,
Sorry to say, but the name Michel is not related by any way to the
Michel is a common Yiddish version of the Hebrew name Michael (one of
famous angels is called Michael).
Yechiel is a Hebrew name by its own.
Many Jewish people carry two first names. These names may be related
Menachem-Mendel, Shlomo-Zalmen etc.) or not related at all.
belongs to the 2nd group. For example, my name is Yosef-Eliyahu, and
reason for this is that one of my grandfathers was called Yosef, and
other was called Eliyahu. Nobody will say that there is some
between these names.
Back to Michel, my g-grandfather (as well as some others in my JURGRAU
family) was called Yechiel-Michal - and this combination belongs to
the 2nd
group too.
Yossi Yagur

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